Crowd Flow Products

Option A - Safe Count

Suitable for buildings of all sizes, SafeCount delivers live occupancy data with visual warnings and alerts when limits are approached or exceeded. As a standalone solution, SafeCount works independently of existing IT networks and is designed for simple setup and fast installation.



  • Live, highly accurate, occupancy data
  • Visual warnings and alerts - with customisable occupancy limits
  • Fast and easy, self-install solution
  • Buildings of all sizes - with single, multiple or wide entrances/exits
  • Staff exclusion option

There are no ongoing charges or subscriptions, unless the customer chooses any of the following features:

  • Multiple-Sites (premise) on a single global account viewing platform.
  • More detailed Auditing & Reporting functionality
  • Remote Assistance & configuration (as the system is self-install)
  • In the case of a company having multiple sites and also require the ability to monitor all and collect all data to a cloud based storage system as well, a software solution package is available where all of these are wrapped up into the annual ‘SafeCount Plus Subscription charge’ that is chargeable per ‘Master Device’ @ List Price € 949.00 Plus Vat @ 23%.

The system does not have any monitors or screens but does have application software to allow you to view the data on a device remotely

System Cost

Master Device List Price including basic installation €3,500.00 Plus Vat @ 23%

Configured with single door access to building

Node Sensor (to add extra counting control at say a rear door) List Price € 1,850.00 Plus Vat @ 23%

EMPLOYEE DETECTION LANYARD BLACK, PACK 500 List Price € 1,350.00 Plus Vat @ 23%

Option B - Dahua

The Dahua 3MP Dual-lens People Counting Camera offers Artificial Intelligence at the edge – using complex real-time people counting algorithms to deliver accurate flow statistics.

The camera uses an advanced Vision Processor Unit (VPU) that delivers high-performance machine vision and visual awareness that enables advanced vision applications that are impossible with conventional ISPs.

The unique feature of this system is its ability to integrate with door access control.


System Cost

List Price including basic installation €3,500 Plus Vat @ 23%

Configured with single door access to building

Additional Sensors / Installation List Price €1,950 Plus Vat @ 23%

Maintenance fee per year depends on final system installation €TBC