Rescue Maintenance

Facility Management Services

Who Are We?

FLM Facility Services (Shannon) Ltd are a Munster based facility   management group that was setup to provide support services to industrial,   corporate and commercial businesses. Offering turnkey solutions to facilities   maintenance, installation works and project management services.

Cost Effective Solutions

As running costs becomes an ever increasing factor in staying   competitive. Business today requires value for money and reliable services to   take away the headache of maintaining your premises. 

Our Commitment To You

FLM’s commitment to providing industry leading service, competitive pricing and   superb client communication has resulted in a rapidly expanding customer base.   

Property Management

Keeping costs down- our commitment to  you

We achieve this by:

  • Rigorously striving to obtain the best value for  refuse services and insurance
  • Keeping labour costs to an acceptable level
  • Only charging for services that our clients need

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Reactive Maintenance

Our  team are dedicated to providing the most professional backup to your business  when things go wrong. We  are committed to attending any issue from a leak to a power outage within 30  minutes. After  the repair, we will assist and advise on preventing a similar issue arising  again.

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Energy Saving

Based on our extensive knowledge in facilities management  and working experiences in the electrical industry we really can reduce your  costs. We guarantee to show you changes that you can make that  will directly impact your energy costs and WILL save you money. We can monitor your electricity consumption and make  recommendations on saving that can be made

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Ensuring that electrical services are operating properly  and safely is of great importance to everyone's business.

Your safety statement gives a commitment ensuring that  your work place is safe for you and your employees

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Marine Services

A new feature to our company is the provision of small works and inspection services.

Our team of qualified PADI Divers can provide services from;

  • Reservoir inspections and repairs
  • Lake water supplies and pipework
  • De-clogging of Zebra Mussels
  • Small Boat submarine inspection
  • Ground chain replacement
  • Rising chain to Header Buoy integrity.

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